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Hiking in the Alpbachtal – what you need to know

Do you want to immerse yourself in a superlative nature experience? Then visit the sunny plateau, surrounded by the Rofan Range, the Kitzbühel and Brandenberg Alps! The mountain panorama together with the sprawling forests and meadow landscapes of the Alpbachtal fill the viewer with admiration at any time of the year.

Awarded the Austrian Hiking Seal of Quality, the idyllic valley in the Tyrolean mountains has a truly unique backdrop to offer: Rugged mountains and gentle slopes surround enchanting natural lakes and impressive gorges. Every hiking day in the Alpbachtal is an incomparable experience for body and soul.

Hiking tours in the Alpbachtal

Top hiking tours in the Alpbachtal

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Hike with a guide or on your own

On guided hikes, you can leave the organisation and planning entirely to our qualified hiking guides. Enjoy the Alpbachtal nature to the full, gain interesting information and take pleasure in hiking in good company. The daily programme offers you a wide range of tours and guided tours. Get to know the traditional region in all its facets - a captivating combination of art, culture and nature!

Alpbachtal Card added value: the optimum conditions included with your card provide for added enjoyment on the guided hikes offered as part of the Alpbachtal Card programme.

Guided walks

Huts & alpine pastures

Some of the Alpbachtal's architectural traditions are harmoniously integrated into the landscape in the form of well-preserved, rustic huts and alpine pastures. Some of them are still managed, and it is impossible to imagine the Tyrolean mountains without these buildings, many of which are hundreds of years old. The culinary delicacies on the menu also represent a long history. Only regional products are served as a classic Alpbachtal hut snack.

Did you already know? Our partner establishments - on the mountain as well as in the valley - also offer excellent and completely regional products.

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Ready to go?

Up the mountain by gondola

In the gondolas of the Alpbachtaler Sommerbergbahnen you float up to the summit over many metres of altitude in no time at all. You can reach the Wiedersberger Horn or the Reither Kogel in just a few minutes and start your hike from there.

Alpbachtal Card bonus: All rides are included in the benefits of your Card.

Alpbachtal Card

Hiking checklist & mountain safety

If you are heading for lofty heights and rugged terrain, you should prepare yourself thoroughly for the hike. Once all safety aspects have been clarified and the equipment is suitable, the trip to the mountain top can go ahead without any worries. Our hiking checklist gives you tips regarding the clothing and gear you need and on how to deal with grazing livestock, as well as instructions on what to do in case of alpine emergencies.

Hiking checklist
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Family holiday in the Alpbachtal

If your youngest family members also aspire to experiencing the famous happiness of reaching a mountain peak, there are many beautiful family hikes to choose from. The Lauserland on the Wiedersberger Horn or the Juppi Zauberwald (Juppi's Enchanted Forest) on the Reither Kogel offer your children plenty of variety to play and discover on a day of hiking together. The two mountain top adventure playgrounds encourage playful hiking and thus enable relaxed excursions with the whole family.

Familiy hikes

Adventurous gorges

The gorges in the Alpbachtal provide for adventurous experiences in the middle of nature. Rushing mountain streams, imposing rocks and shady hiking trails await you, which are not only worth a visit on particularly hot days in summer. 

In the Alpbachtal holiday region you can discover three gorges: The Tiefenbach Gorge, the Kaiser Gorge and the Kundl Gorge. All  three are unique natural spectacles. Hiking fans and nature lovers can look forward to a magificent display of nature.

Imposing rocks & gorges await you!
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Hiking tours in stages

You can wonderfully explore the Tyrolean mountains on the multi-day tours in the Alpbachtal. A trip to the Alps becomes a multi-day adventure in no time at all.

Our popular multi-day tours, whether dDemanding or rather leisurely are suitable for all hiking fans! This means that all sporty alpinists and mountaineers, but also families with children, for example, get their money's worth.

We would especially like to recommend the three-day Alpbachtal tour and the four-day Brandenberg Alps tour to you and your loved ones.


Sunrise in the alps

Are you fascinated by the colourful play of colours at sunrise? Then don't miss this gondola ride up to the Wiedersberger Horn followed by a hike! Every second Thursday during the summer holidays!

Towards the morning sun

Hiking between seasons

Hiking in spring

Even if some mountain peaks are still covered with a light blanket of snow, come spring, the blossoming natural landscapes beckon us to explore the heights for some spring hiking. Thanks to the ideal location and already pleasant spring temperatures, hikes to some beautiful places in the Alpbachtal can already be undertaken.

The scent of spring is in the air
Hiking in autumn

A hike through the colourful autumn landscape in the Alpbachtal is one of the most impressive natural spectacles you can experience in hiking boots. We have the best tour suggestions here for you to witness the Alpbachtal in all its colours.

Autumn is Hiking Time

Theme paths

Anyone who spends a holiday in the Alpbachtal can tell a few tales! The themed trails of the Tyrolean holiday region make sure of that. They lead you through interesting places and to picturesque spots while you enjoy the multifaceted beauty of the Alpbachtal nature. Get ready for great experiences - step by step!

Our theme paths